• Pelletizing System
  • Sawdust
  • Pine Tree
  • Bagasse
  • Rice Husk
  • Bamboo
  • Corn Stover
  • Wheat Straw
  • Switch Grass
  • Small Mobile Pelletizing System

  • Sawdust
    Pelletized sawdust is used as compost dry
    & a unique alternative energy source.

  • Pine Tree
    Pelletized hard wood pine tree is as
    horse bedding pellet & as solid fuel.

  • Bagasse
    Pelletized bagasse can be used as an
    important industrial fuel.

  • Rice Husk
    Pelletized rice husk is increasingly used
    as biomass fuel & co-fuel power plants.

  • Bamboo
    Pelletized bamboo is reliable, cost-effective
    source of energy for home heating.

  • Corn Stover
    Pelletized corn stover is used as
    renewable and green solid fuel.

  • Wheat Straw
    Pelletized wheat straw makes great
    bedding pellet & green energy.

  • Switch Grass
    Pelletized switch grass is green
    bio-energy fuel pellets.

  • KMEC and GEMCO are all sub companies of AGICO GROUP,
    Welcome to visit our booth.

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market analysis

At present, bio-energy technology research and development has become one of the world’s major hot topics, which are concerned by government and scientists around the world. More>>

Various material pellets

Compared to conventional fuel, biomass pellets as a new green energy, reduce production costs. The calorific value is also very high as investors favored objects. More>>

Biomass Pellets Application

It is well-known that biomass pellets has a wide range of application in our daily life.For example, we can use pellets burning in pellet stove or fireplace for heating in winter. More>>

Moveable small pellet plant

The moveable small complete plant through our R&D is manufactured for professional pelletization. Main equipments within it include pulverizer, cyclone separator... More>>
About Us
Anyang Gemco Energy Machinery CO., Ltd. is a highly advanced company that devotes itself to the development of environmental-protection, energy-savings, and green energy sources.