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160-250kg/h biofuel pellet mill

Biofuel pellet mill is much smaller in size than ring die pellet mill. Due to its simple design and operation, flat die pellet mill is much more popular with small scale industrial production and family use. This machine is mainly used for making agro-forestry wastes into pellets for fuels. The materials can be sawdust, rice husk, cotton stalk, cottonseed skins, weeds and crop stalks and other plant wastes, especially low-bonding and unformed materials.

biofuel pellet mill Model ZLSP260A
Power 35 HP
Capacity 160-250kg/h
350-550 lbs/h
Weight(NW/GW) 330/360kg
730/790 lbs
Packing Size 1200*500*1070mm
  • D-Type Diesel Engine Pellet Mill
  • Materials to use-wood and bio material

ZLSP260B pellet mill Model ZLSP260B
Power 15KW
Capacity 160-250kg/h
Weight(NW/GW) 320/360kg
705/800 lbs
Packing Size 1240*540*950mm
  • D-Type Electric Motor Pellet Mill (Three Phase)
  • Materials to use-wood and bio material

zlsp260c d-type covered motor pellet machine Model ZLSP260C
Power 15KW
Capacity 400-600kg/h
Weight(NW/GW) 750/815kg
425/465 lbs
/Packing Size 1240*580*1000mm
51*24*43 inch
  • D-Type Covered Motor Pellet Mill (Three Phase)
  • Materials to use-wood and bio material

zlsp260 d-type PTO pellet mill Model ZLSP260P
Power ≥30HP
Capacity 160-250kg/h
Weight(NW/GW) 235/260kg
518/580 lbs
Packing Size 1050*540*900mm
  • D-Type PTO Pellet Mill
  • Materials to use-wood and bio material

Main specifications:
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