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biomass pellet mill for industry boiler

Just as we referred to pellet mill for cooking, the pellet machine is also widely used in the boiler burning. Wood pellets are environmental protection fuel has been widely applied to boiler fuel. It is mainly concerned the wood pellets can greatly extend the burning time, cut down production costs and bring economic benefits.


Just as most industries where steam becomes necessary, pellets making plants also need the boiler to burn the pellets. The biomass pellet mill for boiler will generate steam which usually is indispensable in softening the raw material prior to being compacted and thus plays an exceedingly important role. Since some pellets of the activates to create a great deal of heat, the moisture induced in the compacting process soon escapes leaving the pellet in the position to hold its new induced shape. It should be noted that all pellets particularly those from organic sources have trace quantities of moisture trapped within them hence holding them together and drying them will lead to them losing their shape. Therefore, the pellet plant is usually build up the district where is sufficient in the raw material as well as the industrial factory or workshop. Thus biomass pellet mill is indispensible especially the wood pellet production line, which can meet the needs of large-scale enterprise boiler.

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When selecting any pellet mill for boiler, the most important aspect for making the right selection may be the cost. Beginning with cost of fuel, a pellet mill boiler could be driven by burn oil, electricity, coal, wood or fuel pellets. For large pellet mills, fuel wood is frequently no alternative because the central heating boilers used in this situation are very large and therefore requires a considerable size the guarantee plant to become devoted to storage from the fuel wood. In addition, the expenses of employing fuel wood or coal is way above every other fuel that might be accustomed to energy the boiler therefore a substantial manpower is going to be needed to guy the feeding procedure for this type of boiler. Oil is simply too not appropriate especially thinking about the truth that the current oil prices do fluctuate as well as their present cost is nearly approaching the 100$ per Barrel mark. Electricity and fuel pellets thus would be the only appropriate solution with electricity obtaining the upper hands. But when you go searching for electricity powered central heating boilers, you best prepare for through the roof electricity consumption bills. Therefore, the best solution is utilization of pellets.
biomass pellet millbiomass pellet mill for industry boiler

Main Technical Data of Biomass Pellet Mill for Industry Boiler:

Model Power Capacity(kg/h) Weight(kg) Packing Size(mm)
ZLSP-200A 15 hp 80-120 320 1460*950*1100
ZLSP-200B 3 phase 7.5kw 80-120 215 950*450*1050
ZLSP-200C 3 phase 7.5kw 80-120 225 1050*550*1050
ZLSP-300B 3 phase 22kw 250-350 540 1350*750*14

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