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plastic pelletizing machine

This plastic pelletizer machine is newly developed by GEMCO. Considering the characteristics of plastic, the machine combines the working principle of feed pellet mill and compact structure of wood pellet mill together. It can not only create significant economic benefits, but also do best to environment protection and optimize resource allocation.
plastic pelletizing machineplastic pelletizer
Main Parameter
Power (kw) Yield (kg/h) Weight (kg) Packing Size (mm)
22 600-800 450 1320*530*1070

Current Situation of Plastic Pelletizing Machine Market

In current market, there are many kinds of plastic pellet machinery. waste plastic recyclingHowever, most of them have complex procedures which need to make the raw material melt, cool, dry and then pellet respectively. Working on plastic pelletizing with these mills needs quite a lot of human sources. Not the energy consumption but the cost of machine is also too high for production. Usually, to buy a plastic pelletizer which produces 120 ton plastic pellets per month, you need to pay RMB60, 000-80, 000. Considering needs of market and benefits of our customers, our company develops this new plastic pelletizing machinery on the basis of plastic’s physical characteristics and pellet mill’s working principle and structure under engineers’ hard working.

Raw Material

It specializes in plastic pelletizing, particularly taking waste aluminum plastic composite panel as the raw material. Production of it can reach 160-200 kg/h. With a plastic pelletizing machine, you can effectively utilize waste materials collected from renewable resources of house refuse, construction and furniture industries, etc. for reproduction.
waste plasticplastics pellets

Use of the Plastic Pellets

Except food industry, this renewable plastic pellets can be widely used in any other field, like clothing, construction, agriculture, chemical, machinery industry and so on. Beyond that, they can also apply to electrical equipment industry and electronic communications industry.

Main Features GEMCO commits to provide customers with excellent service and best products. This new type plastic pelletizing machine will definitely have a reform to traditional technology and create a new era of plastic pelletizing.
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