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pellet mill spare parts

Today, as energy conservation and environmental protection are greatly advocated, more and more people choose the small pellet mill as a tool for saving energy in daily life. Then how to choose a quality machine with high efficiency, good durability and reasonable price in current market, which is full of various pellet mill brands? Except of the design of energy conservation, factors of volume, after- sale service and pellet mill spare parts are also important. According to the feedback of customers, the cost of spare parts have occupied nearly 8% of machinery cost every year(mainly including wood chippers, hammer mills and pelleters).
pellet machine spare parts

Among our designs and products, in addition to perfect pelletizing design, elaborate appearance, less occupying space and excellent after- sale service, our spare parts of pellet mills are also very competitive in the market.

Selling point
Flat Die
Each flat die has a hole, the hole diameter is from 6mm to 10mm, the depth and width are important depending on what material customers wish to make into pellets. The more depth the hole has, the longer the pellets will be exposed to heat, which is good to form a denser a pellet, but more power will also be needed to push the material a longer distance. Generally, dies are made of various types of metals to make sure the die can resist to corrosion, however, our flat die is made of high quality alloy steel with best pellet die compression ration.
die producingflat die
Also, when purchasing pellet dies, we are aware of the carpet, which is a thin layer of material which sits atop the die surface when making pellets.
Changing model hole of flat die of MHD form can increase the touched area between flat die and roller, which can greatly reduce flat die wear rate and improve life of flat die.

Gearbox adopts two-stage gear transmission. The gear adopts high quality alloy steel and the surface is carburized quenching process. Through the grinding fine machining, smooth transmission, low noise, carrying capacity, low temperature, and long service life. We batch putty twice in order to prolong service life.
gear box gear box
Large diameter roller, high yield, high rate of making pellets, well-distributed pellets with high intensity.
roller and flat die pellet machine roller

We selected bearings are the best in China. All bearings adopt sealing structure in order to prevent dirt into effectively, improve the working environment of bearings and prolong bearings life.

bearingpellet machine bearingbearing for pellet machine

Spindle is alloy steel made by carburizing after the fire with strong abrasive resistance. Spindles, pressure roller, spindle bearing, pressure roller bearing all increase. Load bearing is to the original once above.

spindle for pellet machine

Bevel gear drive
Bevel gear drive has higher gear efficiency and longer service than belt drive and worm drive. Also, it has no slip problems.

bevel gear drive gear wheel

We can supply complete set of  pellet mill spare parts and perfect pre- and after- services for settle customers' problems in 24 hours timely, so that to meet customers' urgent demand of prompt delivery. For special order, we will dispose of it in 6- 10 days. On the basis of strict, standardized production line and professional technical guide, our pellet mill has consistency and interchangeability for the spare parts. It is confident that customers purchase pellet mill and spare parts from us!

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