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250-350kg/h rotating roller pellet machinery

You will find two types of flat die pellet machinery or you can say small pellet mill. They're pellet machinery with rotating die and rotating rollers. With one of these two small pellet mills, you will be aware steps to make wood pellets.
The rotating die type includes a stationary curler shaft having a rotating die, consequently when making wood pellets the die is rotating as the rollers are stationary. While the working principle of rotating roller type pellet machinery is totally different from the prior one, which features a stationary die having a rotating curler shaft, then when working the die is stationary however the rollers are rotating.

Structure and main parts of the rotating roller type ZLSP-R pellet machinery

rotating roller design structure
Scope of application:
Model ZLSP R-Type series rotating roller pellet machinery is specialized in industrial biomass fuel field, which is most suitable to process sawdust, straw, bamboo crumbs, peanut shell, bagasse, alfalfa and so on.

ZLSP300 R-Type Diesel Engine Pellet Mill Model ZLSP300A
Power 36HP
Capacity 250-350kg/h
Weight(NW/GW) 850/890kg
Packing Size 1100*700*2480mm
43*28*98 inch
  • R-Type Diesel Engine Pellet Mill
  • Materials to use-wood and bio material

rorating roller pellet machinery Model ZLSP300B
Power 22KW
Capacity 250-350kg/h
Weight(NW/GW) 540/575kg
Packing Size 1350*750*1400mm
  • R-Typ Motor Pellet Mill(Three Phase)
  • Materials to use-wood and bio material

ZLSP200C pellet mill roller rotating Model ZLSP300C
Power 22KW
Capacity 250-450kg/h
Weight(NW/GW) 550/585kg
Packing Size 1450*850*1400mm
  • R-Type Covered Motor Pellet Mill(Three Phase)
  • Materials to use-wood and bio material

Our spare parts are reliable for you to use. There is much superiority they can offer you:
pellet mill die and roller pellet mill bearing pellet mill dies
Main components are made of alloy steel, so that the durability is strengthened. Rollers and die have uniform specification so that replacement is available. Both sides of dies are applicable so that the usage life is prolonged.

Regarding the benefits of pellet machinery with rotating roller design, we generally conclude into two primary aspects. On one side, the style of rotating roller has considerably longer service existence compared to traditional design, it's about 2000 hrs. On the other side however, the size of the wood pellets which created by the style of rotating roller is a lot longer too, it may be 3cm or even more.
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