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hammer mill crusher

Standard-sized pellet machines generally require biomass material is ground to pieces that are no more than 3 mm in size. Several types of equipment are available to carry out this task. If the biomass is quite large and dense (e.g., wood), the material is first run through a “chipper,” and then run through a hammermill or similar device to reduce the pieces to the required size. Smaller and softer biomass (e.g., straw) can be fed directly into the hammer mill without first being chipped.

Video about how hammer mill crushes the hay

Advantages of Hammer Mill Crusher Hammermill without  Cyclone and Electric Motor

Electric Hammer Mill with Cyclone

electric hammer mill with cyclone

Hammer Mill with Screens

Technical Parameters:
Model Power Size
Net weight
Spindle Speed
Screen Capacity
420B-11 11KW(electric motor) 1650×820×1200 290/340 3200 1.2-10 300-700
420B-15 15KW(electric motor) 1650×820×1200 310/360 3200 1.2-10 400-1000
420A-15 15HP(diesel motor) 1650×820×1200 340/400 3200 1.2-10 300-700
420A-22 22HP(diesel motor) 1650×820×1200 370/410 3200   400-1000

Hammer Mill with Two Cyclones

hammer mill with two cyclones

Recently we have improved the hammer mill, adding another cyclone. Before, every time after packaging, there was raw material leakage when replacing bags, now there is a handle in the middle of the cyclone through which the baiting order of the two cylinders can be adjusted so as to effectively prevent the residual material from leaking.
hammer mill adjust adjust hammer mill
Customers can control the raw materials baiting order themselves through the handle in the middle of the cyclone.
Sample Materials Processed
hogged wood scrapbark
dry wood chipsplaner shavings
green wood chips

The hammermill is a type of high-end wood crusher equipment. This grinder can deal with various materials ranging from raw wood to agricultural wastes. Compared with traditional crusher-making technique, this product is an innovation at home and abroad. The main components are sieving part, chips re-crushing part, and knife chapping part. It combines chipper and crusher, and that is to say, sawdust can be produced directly without wood chipper and wood crusher. The feed inlet of this hammer mill grinder adopts self-section design to ensure the security of operators.
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