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350-450kg/h biomass pelleting machines

The technology has higher innovation and development that display sustainable development strategy of enterprise industrialization will of GEMCO. Our mobile rotating roller pelleting mahcines adopts advanced high technology with beautiful appearance. Don’t worry parts which are not easy to damage in particular plate and roller, each link is tested strictly and checked carefully.

ZLSP400A R-Type Diesel Engine Pellet Mill Model ZLSP400A
Power 55HP
Capacity 350-400kg/h
770-990 lbs/h
Weight(NW/GW) 1010/1050kg
Packing Size 1300*800*2600mm
51*31*102 inch
  • R-Type Diesel Engine Pellet Mill
  • Materials to use-wood and bio material

motor pellet mill - 400b Model ZLSP400B
Power 30KW (3phase)
Capacity 350-450 kg/h
770-990 lbs/h
Weight(NW/GW) 770/810kg
Packing Size 1400*800*1450mm
55*31*57 inch
  • R-Type Electric Motor Pellet Mill(ThreePhase)
  • Materials to use-wood and bio material

covered motor pellet machine - 120c Model ZLSP400C
Power 30KW (3phase)
Capacity 350-450 kg/h
770-990 lbs/h
Weight(NW/GW) 780/820mm
1719/1807 inch
Packing Size 1500*900*1450mm
59835*57 inch
  • R-Type Covered Motor Pellet Mill(ThreePhase)
  • Materials to use-wood and bio material

ZLSP400P PTO pellet mill Model ZLSP400P
Power ≥55 HP
Capacity 350-450 kg/h
770-990 lbs/h
Weight(NW/GW) 560/585
Packing Size 1400*700*1450
  • R-Type PTO Pellet Mill
  • Materials to use-wood and bio material

Features of this rotating roller pelleting mahcines:
The spindle is alloy steel made by carburizing after the fire with strong abrasive resistance. We batch putty twice in order to prolong service life. Large diameter roller, high yield, high rate of making pellets, well-distributed pellets with high intensity. Changing model hole of flat die of MHD form can increase the touched area between flat die and roller, which can greatly reduce flat die wear rate and improve life of flat die.(This has been patented.) All bearings adopt sealing structure in order to prevent dirt into effectively, improve the working environment of bearings and prolong bearings life.

Compared with traditional pellet machine, there are some advantages
  • Large processing range. No matter what is miscellaneous wood, pine wood, bamboo dust, groundnut-shell, rice husks and stalk etc. which we are looking for founded biomass materials can be made pellets without any additives.
  • Gearbox adopts two-stage gear transmission. The gear adopts high quality alloy steel and the surface is carburized quenching process. Through the grinding fine machining, smooth transmission, low noise, carrying capacity, low temperature, and long service life.
  • Spindles, pressure roller, spindle bearing, pressure roller bearing all increase. Load bearing is to the original once above.

Make sure salesmen and clients further understand effect of usage of mobile roller pellet machine. Through the function and structure of machine and comparison with other manufacture prove that our mobile roller pellet machine is the best effect of usage in the present domestic market.

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