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High Quality Biomass Pellets Come in All Size for Burning!
Maybe you see a range of various colors of pellets, from pale to warm brown, depending on the various biomass materials. While a spectrum of colors is perfectly natural, biomass pellets shouldn’t be generally much darker than a mug of black coffee. An excessively dark color may suggest that bark was mixed in to the manufacturing process, and individuals’ pellets will probably have high ash content.
All biomass pellets as fuel have a certain diameter but length can vary from 6mm to 10 mm. In practical, our biomass pellets all meet the standard, which suits many fuel-handling systems. We encourage our consumers to purchase our standard biomass pellets for cooking or heating.
In your area-created biomass pellets will even mostly fall in this particular size specs, but there might be less consistency in the size of the biomass pellets from some more compact producers. Hence, they're frequently more appropriate for industrial systems with increased robust fuel-handling and burning technology.
the different size of biomass pellets

Most pellet stoves work all right in this particular normal range. But when longer pellets are leading to your stove problems, here’s an opportune tip: drop a bag of pellets on the floor a couple of times to interrupt lower the space before loading the fuel to your stove. Pellet stoves are extremely efficient since the fuel is uniform. But there's an all natural (and perfectly acceptable) variance within the density of pellet fuel. Density can vary slightly by brand as well as by bag, but you can rely that our producers have dedicated to creating a regular, top quality pellets.
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