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pellet machine for cooking

People always focus on the wood pellet production for home heating in the pellet stove and co-combustion with coal in factory boiler or power stations, while pellet machine has another key use as cooking fuel at home.

pellet mill for cookingThe costs of oil and gas are seriously expensive in developing countries, however many people have no other way for cooking and boiling. But in rural country the local people go out to the forests or fields to collect fire wood or fire material which is used in cooking at home directly. This ways not only generate a lot of smoking but also is low efficiency. Take no easy! There are better alternative ways to improve fuel calorific value and combustion systems. Small pellet machine for cooking operations can be setup where locals can bring their straw, rice husk and other agro wastes. Also, local farmers can purchase the machine to compress pellets as fuel or process pellets for some local farmers for fee charging or sell the pellets produced from remaining raw material. Owning one pellet machinery not creates wealth for consumers but deals with the home fuel problems. So this is huge profit for local farmers who have little income.

Since we use pellets as fuel for cooking or boiling, the stove is essential. The stove using the pellets requires producing a high heat but low smoke fire during the combustion. GEMCO pellet stove is a typical design for the pellet burning. Plenty of development has come into to make this pellet stove as acceptable as possible to meet the needs of rural and city communities. It benefits both financially and health wide for the people. It does good to our environment and climate change. Through our video in the website, consumers will see a small pellet machine which can compress high quality cooking pellets from a wide variety of raw materials.

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