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electric pellet mill

As we all know, pellet mill can be driven by different engines. Today, we will introduce the electric motor pellet mill carefully.

Generally, pellet mill with electric motor is small, low voice and easy to operate. And it is popular by an individual. Our portable electric motor pellet mill can make pellets from a variety of sawdust, recycled paper, grass, leaves or any type of biomass waste. Don’t pay for the pellet, making them for our electric pellet mills even for your friends and relatives and can make you get benefits from the market.

There are different models in electric motor provided all the power you need to create various tons of pellets. This series of machines also include a direct shaft and enclosed cabinet design clients’ needs that come from different countries and regions.

Video of Electric Pellet Mill Make Pellets Easily
Salient features:
Rotating Roller ZLSP R-type
Model Power Capacity Weight(NW/GW) Packing Size
ZLSP200B R-type 7.5KW (3phase) 80-120 kg/h 215/245kg 950*450*1050mm
170-270 lbs/h 475/540lbs 37*18*41 inch
ZLSP300B R-type 22KW (3phase) 250-350 kg/h 540/575kg 1350*750*1400mm
550-770 lbs/h 1190/1268lbs 53*30*55 inch
ZLSP400B R-type 30KW (3phase) 350-450 kg/h 770/810kg 1400*800*1450mm
770-990 lbs/h 1698/1785lbs 55*31*57 inch

Rotating Die ZLSP D-type
Model Power Capacity Weight(NW/GW) Packing Size
ZLSP120B 2.2/3KW 40-80 kg/h 80/100 kg 750*320*680mm
90-180 lbs/h 175/220 lbs 30*13*27inch
ZLSP150B 4KW 50-90 kg/h 95/110 kg 800*450*700mm
110-200lbs/h 210/250 lbs 31*18*28inch
ZLSP200B 7.5KW 80-120 kg/h 200/230 kg 1050*480*930mm
180-265lbs/h 440/510 lbs 41*19*37inch
ZLSP230B 11KW 120-200kg/h 290/320 kg 1180*540*1000mm
245-440lbs/h 640/105 lbs 46*21*39inch
ZLSP260B 15KW 160-250kg/h 320/360 kg 1240*540*950mm
350-550lbs/h 705/800 lbs 49*21*37inch
ZLSP300B 22KW 250-400kg/h 350/380 kg 1300*560*1100mm
550-880lbs/h 770/840 lbs 51*20*43inch

Equipped with advanced technology and scientific design, the electric pellet mill has already proved its excellent quality with more and more demand from customers all around the world. Here you will know more about the machine and get the most suitable one for you. Welcome to contact us.
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