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biomass pellet making machine

waste wood shavingsHow do you deal with your biomass wastes like sawdust, peanut shell, stalk, straw, and so on? Throw away? Burn directly? Neither is the ideal solution! The best way is to make them into pellets by a set of biomass pellet making machine!

Biomass pellet making machine, also called biomass pellet mill, is used to press the biomass materials which contain lignin (a kind of monomer that will soften and liquefy at 200-300℃ and will have adhesive force) into spindly cylinders. The pellets are a great source for heating or cooking. Also, biomass pellets can be used as horse bedding, cat litter or fertilizer.

GEMCO ZLSP200B biomass pellet making machineBiomass pellet mills have a great market demand in recent years. This is not only because of the rising price of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas, but also because of people’s awareness of the importance of renewable energy. As a result, more and more people, including small farms and homes, are looking for biomass pellet mill. We can receive over 100 inquiries from different countries every day, consulting our biomass pellet mills. At the same time, every hour, there are people placing orders on single biomass pellet making machine as well as complete lines with our company. After using the machines, they are all satisfied and even tell friends about our products.

Choose your own home pellet mill

You may also be interested in our biomass pellet mill. Then, how to choose the most suitable home pellet mill for yourself? Think about the following factors:
Knowing about the biomass pellet making machine and home pellet mill, you may want to have one. Then contact us now!

By Shirley Wang

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