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ring die pellet mill vs flat die pellet mill

There are 2 types of pellet mills in the market, one is ring die pellet mill, and the other is flat die pellet mill. People who want to make biomass pellets are always confused by whether to choose ring die or flat die pellet mill.

Here we’d like to discuss the advantages of ring die pellet mill vs flat die pellet mill:

1. First, compare their capacities. Ring die pellet mill ( see our other website of ring die pellet mill for details.) has large capacity of 1-2 ton/h, while flat die pellet mill has comparatively small capacity of 80-400kg/h. For this reason, if you need to produce wood pellets less than 1000kg per hour, 1 or 2 sets of flat die pellet mill is ideal choice. If you need larger capacity, ring die pellet mill is relatively better if consider the capacity alone. As a matter of fact, several sets of flat die pellet mills can also build a large pellet plant, and it is more flexible, since one set goes wrong does not affect others. But if the ring die pellet mill goes wrong, the whole pellet production line won’t work.
ring die pellet mill vs flat die pellet mill
Ring die pellet mill Flat die pellet mill
2. Second, compare their investments. It is quite clear that ring die pellet mill costs much more than flat die pellet mill, even for the same capacity. But if you have sufficient budget, ring die pellet mill can be your better selection, since it can work 24hours a day without break. If you do not want to occupy too much capital, then choose flat die pellet mill, since it has higher cost effectiveness!
3. Third, compare their dimension. Ring die pellet mill is usually very large and tall, and its auxiliary equipments also occupy much space. As a result, you need a large workshop to install these equipments. If your workshop is large enough, it’s OK to choose ring die pellet mill. However, if you want to save space, you’d better choose flat die pellet mill, since it occupies smaller space.

Here is a brief summary of both the advantages and disadvantages of ring die pellet mill vs flat die pellet mill:

Item Ring die pellet mill Flat die pellet mill
Capacity High, 1-2ton/h Low, 80-400kg/h
Highest power 110kw 30kw
Largest size 2990*1200*2410mm 1400*800*1450mm
Price per set High Low
Power source Electricity Electrify, diesel engine,
gasoline engine, tractor driven (PTO)
Maintenance Hard Easy

Having learnt about the advantages of ring die pellet mill vs flat die pellet mill, have you made a decision? If still not, you can contact us for more professional guidance.

By Shirley Wang

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