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mobile pellet mill

Mobile pellet mill, also called portable pellet mill, means pellet mills with small body, easy to operate and small scale pellets producing. It is process pellets for own use. If you are interested in making pellets by yourself, here you can get some information about the mini mobile pellet mill.

Mobile Pellet Mills of GEMCO with 50-100kg/h Capacity - with electric engine, diesel engine, gasoline engine and power take off for tractor

mobile pellet millsmobile pellet mills
mobile pellet millsmobile pellet mills

Technical Parameters
Model Driving Mode Power Weight Packing Size/th>
ZLSP 150A Diesel Engine 8HP 180/220kg 1000*500*750MM
ZLSP 150Q Gasoline Engine 13HP 180/220kg 1000*500*750mm
ZLSP 150B Electric Engine 4KW 95/110kg 800*450*700mm
ZLSP 150P PTO 8HP 90/110kg 900*540*1020mm

As its name orders, the least requirement to the mobile pellet mill should be small, compact, and portable compared with other pellet mills. When it is added with high efficiency, high productivity, low cost, and low energy consumption, you can definitely use it produce as much pellets as you need. Here we will present you some of the application of pellets at home:

The below two pictures are the machines customer want to order:

mobile pellet machines mobile pellet mills

The usage of wood pellets is various, like being the raw materials of furniture and some crafts, or being used for generating electricity. Just with a portable mobile pellet mill, you can find surprises more than you can imagine. The professional pellet mill manufacturer and supplier GEMCO can provide you mobile pellet mills with excellent quality and performance. All of them are equipped with advanced technology, durable components, and compact body. Each pellet making machine can work continuously and stably even for 24hours as you request. The good security, long usage life, high yield will keep satisfying your need to pellets.

The four types of mobile pellet mills above are different in driving modes. You can choose the suitable one according to your working situation. If you have any question, please contact us.

By Shirley Wang

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