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grass pelletizer machine

small grass pelletizer machineGrass pelletizer machine has been a kind of emerging equipment in recent years. It is used to make grass into pellets. Its raw material can be grasses everywhere from lawns, grassland, or farmland like hay, switch grass, alfalfa, clover, straw, etc.
Generally grass pellets are used as feed for cattle or poultry, but now more and more people are using grass pellets as a kind of fuel.
On right side is a picture of our ZLSP150B grass pelletizer machine, which features small capacity: 50-100kg/h.

Which kind of grass to make pellets?

It is said that different grass has different heat value, since the greener it is, the more calorie it contains. Normally people who own a yard would mow the lawn when it is still green. But it is usually in summer hot days that the grass is green, so will you burn green grass pellets in summer? Of course not. Then, how can you keep the grass green from summer to winter?

Left is picture of grass, and right is grass pellets.

picture of green grasspicture of grass pellets
One more thing is that, the greener the grass pellets are, the more chloride they may contain, and this could result in corrosion of your pellet stove. So, when choose a matched pellet stove, you’d better select an anti-corrosive one. Anyway, forget about which kind of grass to use, just the most available one is the best.

Which kind of grass pelletizer machine to use?

There are various grass pelletizer machines on sale in the market with different capacities and different features. Then which one suits you best? It mainly depends on your capacity demand. GEMCO have high quality grass pelletizer machines for sale.

The best seller is ZLSP260C model mobile hay pellet mill with electric motor inside the Electric Carbinet. You can click the left below picture to see more details.
If you do not have electricity access, you can choose a diesel engine driven ZLSP300A model switch grass pellet mill. Click the right picture to see more details.

mobile grass pelletizer grass pelletizer machine for sale
Best Seller ZLSP 260C series mobile hay pellet mill ZLSP300A model switch grass pellet mill

If you are a farm owner, or only want a smaller capacity and convenient to use one, the mobile grass pelletizer can be your best choice. The ZLSP B or C series have four wheels, which is easy for you to move it wherever you want to. It also occupies small space. Capacity ranges from 50-400kg/h.

By Shirley Wang

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