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flat die pellet machine

Pellet machines are diverse in different types, on the modern market flat die and ring die pellet machine could be the 2 major styles these days. But what is pellet machine with flat die or ring die?

As long as talking about small pellet making machine it generally refers to the flat die pellet making machine for the flat types are generally used for producing small to medium size, however, the ring die types tend to be regularly used for pellets making of medium to large-scale. Additionally, a flat die pattern has rather-simple construction as well as can be simply operated, because of this it turns out to be a significant fashionable type for many customers.
flat die pellet mill or ring die pellet mill?
Do you know how does flat die pellet making machine work?

In accordance with distinctive designs and structures, several of the presses are choosing worm and wheel drive while some may choose bevel gears. Some die is driven but rollers are fixed etc. For most cases, you should just take the following procedure which is on a vertical flow:
First of all, materials should be put into the feeder; second, let them drop onto rotating rollers above the die; then materials will likely be condensed between die surface and the rotating rollers, while pellets coming out of the die holes a sharp knife would certainly immediately cut these pellets into regular length.
flat die pellet mill work
Rewards of flat die pellet machines:

At the first place, another benefit is the size and style of the flat die pellet mills which are quite less space-consuming than ring die patterns. These small pellet machines could be traveled easily and much more flexible to smaller scale pellet manufacturing.
Additionally, pelletizing process is visibility for flat die pellet presses. By viewing entire process within the chamber you'll easily discover precisely what the genuine trouble is and solve it quickly whenever problems happened.

Problems of flat die pellet machines:

From above explanation, we can easily know that the friction is more likely to result in enhanced wear and tire of the die and the inner and outer edges could have diverse distances when rotating the die surface, just for rollers could be slipped if the roller outer edges are covering varied distances. but some flat die pellet making machines have already been advanced their rollers in order to resolve this problem, additionally, more friction means more heat which is a really great element lignin melt in order to form quality pellet, so to some extent, friction is not a bad thing.

By Shirley Wang

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